**Science materials updated May 2022!**

To address the shifts in teaching and learning in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, CAPMSE developed the K-8 Math and Science Repository with ready-to-go lessons, units and protocols for distance and in-person learning. All Repository content has a universal design for learning lens and includes support for English learners and socio- emotional learning.

Featured Repository Resources:

  1. Kindergarten-2nd, 3rd-5th and 6th-8th Grade Science Materials: These materials provide teachers with an opportunity to explore high quality, NGSS aligned units and lessons that they can readily teach in their classrooms. All science materials have been reviewed, vetted, taught, analyzed and improved by multiple teachers statewide. Students will experience fun, engaging and NGSS aligned lessons and experiences. Lessons are suitable for in-person, distance or hybrid learning.

  1. Framework for Distance Learning: A four-domain framework for analyzing and enhancing units or lessons for use in distance learning, with an emphasis on universal design and social-emotional support.

  2. 3rd Grade Mathematics: This folder contains various resources and distance learning modifications made to the third grade 3 Act Task, Fruit and Nut. There are many ways to implement this 3 Act Task; start with the overview video to understand how to leverage the 3 Act Task tools and materials in the folder.

  3. Digital Support for Remote Learning: A guide for planning and designing lessons for distance learning to increase student voice, engagement during instruction, and active participation in remote learning environments.

  4. Supporting Students Non-Digitally: Since not all schools in California can support students digitally, and not every California student can access digital tools, CAPMSE created this resource in collaboration with the California Department of Education to identify “how to” ideas for adapting distance learning when technology access is limited.

Integrated Unit Design Protocol for NGSS

In 2021, CAPMSE leaders enhanced its Fostering NGSS Protocol (a 2018 tool for teachers to integrate science with other content areas) to support integrated lesson and unit design for in-person, hybrid, distance settings to strengthen and scale access to NGSS-aligned instruction. Navigate directly to the updated template and 2021 protocol instructions here.

Math Success for All

The Math Success for All (MFSA) professional learning project launched in 2018 with a mission to increase site-based teams' knowledge of mathematics, students with disabilities, and inclusive teaching practices while providing opportunities to identify and address systemic inequities. Watch the video for an overview of updates and enhancements made to MFSA in 2021 to ensure equitable access and support for all students, specifically students with special needs, and to improve administrator's ability to support teachers and facilitate school structures that foster this equitable and high quality instruction.

Principals Supporting NGSS

This principal professional learning series is comprised of 5 modules designed to support site leaders with implementation of the California Next Generation Science Standards (CA NGSS).

CA NGSS 3D Assessment Implementation Modules

The CA NGSS 3D Assessment Implementation Modules website is designed to provide teachers with assessment resources that support high-quality 3-dimensional learning for formative and summative purposes. The website resources for analyzing, modifying and creating assessment items include:

  • Unpacking the Performance Expectation Module

  • 3D Assessment Analysis Module

  • 3D Development/Modification Module

  • NGSS Assessment Database

  • Reference Resources