Equity Framework for Dialogue and Action

A Trajectory to Empowering, Engaging, Excellent Secondary Mathematics Instruction

  • What’s new? A set of math activities and resources for County office specialists providing support to districts with their secondary math instruction.

  • How and why is this useful? In response to the pandemic, the team reviewed their own beliefs and practices and created a protocol and set of reflective questions to enable stakeholders to build their knowledge of and a vision for high school mathematics and engage in conversations around equitable outcomes for students of secondary mathematics.

  • What was a unique aspect of this project development? Guiding questions meet districts where they are with respect to equitable outcomes, helping users to: build awareness and acknowledgement of current issues, take action, and consider accountability. The work has been vital in supporting learning and growth together as a statewide secondary math community, and will be used to inform ongoing conversations about equitable pathways, course access and student success in mathematics.

  • Do you want to know more? To find out more about these activities, click here or contact Melanie Janzen (melanie.janzen@sbcss.net) at the San Bernardino County Office of Education.