Math and Science for Alternative Education

Lesson Planning and Discourse Tools

  • What’s new? A set of resources and instructional protocols to promote equitable and rigorous science and mathematics standards implementation, teaching, and learning in alternative education settings.

  • How and why is this useful? The resources promote inquiry-based lesson design and student discourse to build meaningful science and math education for alternative school and juvenile court teachers and students. The resources include a math lesson planning template, science lesson planning template, overview slides on talk strategies, and a discourse observation tool.

  • What was a unique aspect of this project development? By focusing on alternative and juvenile court schools, the team created access to rigorous learning tools and opportunities for traditionally underserved communities and educators. The team also supported teachers’ capacity for conducting lesson study cycles, debriefs, and lesson refinements while learning about and applying the new resources.

  • Do you want to know more? To find out more about this project and its resources, click here or contact Adrienne Nau ( at the Merced County Office of Education.