Remote Math and Science Teaching Through Climate Investigation

  • What’s new? A math and science professional learning series for Grades 6-12 teachers.

  • How and why is this useful? To help teachers understand what high-quality math and science instruction might look like, the team developed and created lessons for three virtual professional development workshops on climate change. The lessons integrate math and Science and Engineering practices and utilize tools for effective lesson implementation in a remote environment. Videos of the lessons being implemented were created to help teachers understand the key pedagogical strategies used to successfully implement the lessons.

  • What was a unique aspect of this project development? The lessons were written using Desmos, which allows teachers to see what students are doing and thinking in real time. This capability supports teachers to learn how to share student responses and thinking to allow students to interact with one another’s ideas and deepen their learning (as measured using visuals, drawings, writing and oral communication).

  • Do you want to know more? To find out more about this professional learning series click here, or contact Dr. Kelley Le ( at the UC Irvine Science Project.